The Euro-Asian Jewish Congress was established in 2002 on the initiative of the leaders of the Jewish Congress of Kazakhstan, the Federation of Jewish Organizations and Communities of Russia (Vaada of Russia) and the Association of Jewish Organizations and Communities of Ukraine (Vaada of Ukraine). The concept of the new organization began to evolve back in 1991, when the Jewish community of the USSR joined the World Jewish Congress.

The Euro-Asian Jewish Congress is created to protect the rights and legitimate interests of the Jewish people, as well as to promote the satisfaction of community interests and needs, to protect the rights of the Jewish people, and, together with organizations and associations representing Jewish communities of individual states, for the official representation of the Jewish communities of the Euro-Asian region in the governments of the countries of the region and international organizations.

Together with the World Jewish Congress, the Euro-Asian Jewish Congress sets itself the following tasks:

• promote the unity of the Jewish people, the creation, work and integration of Jewish organizations, communities and professional structures whose activities are aimed at the revival and further development of national life;

• Support Israel, stand on the side of the Jewish State in the international community;

• Fight for human rights and respect for all people, promote national and religious tolerance, protect the individual right of Jews and the right of Jewish communities to practice Judaism;

• promote development and improvement of relations with Christian churches, Islam and other religions;

• promote tolerance development, withstand xenophobia and anti-Semitism;

• render the necessary assistance to the institutions of culture, education and science, whose activities are connected with the study, dissemination and development of Jewish culture;

• to promote the study and introduction into the information systems of a complete, objective and accurate picture of the life of the Jews of the Euro-Asian region;

• contribute to the preservation of the Jewish material and spiritual heritage, the return and restoration of illegally selected and nationalized Jewish communal property;

• promote fair compensation for Jews and members of their families who survived the Holocaust;

• to seek legal changes in the countries of the region in order to improve its compliance with internationally recognized legal norms by introducing appropriate amendments and additions to the laws on national minorities, national cultural autonomies, the rehabilitation of deported peoples, restitution, and taxation.