Appeal of the EAJC President

Mutual guarantee is a key term for every Jewish public organization, including us - the Euro-Asian Jewish Congress. We are obliged to support our communities everywhere and always. In the interests of the Jewish people, the presence of a strong and prosperous diaspora throughout the world, and this will be the initial mission of our organization!

I believe that Jewish values ​​and the heritage of our people are unique. And the Jewish diaspora on the Eurasian continent is a rich source of these values. Our ancestors always stood out against the background of others with their striving for knowledge, for great discoveries, for cultural heritage, for learning about the origins. This landmark is peculiar to us from time immemorial.

There is no doubt that the current generation is insanely talented. However, without a cultural component, without values ​​and spirituality - the foundations of our people, there is a danger of losing this landmark and losing its Jewish self-identification. Against this background, our goal should be to preserve the foundation without which our people would not remain so to this day, so unique, and without which the Russian-speaking diaspora would not remain a source of rich Jewish cultural heritage. Jewish communities in the diaspora should flourish, both economically and spiritually.
It is necessary to strengthen the ties between the diaspora and Israel and help to reduce assimilation, educating the younger generation, based on the values ​​and traditions of the Jewish people. To this end, we will continue to provide the necessary assistance to the institutions of culture, education and science, whose activities are related to the study, dissemination and development of Jewish culture.
We have a lot of work to do and we will definitely achieve results!

Always yours,

Mikhail Mirilashvili,
President of the Euro-Asian Jewish Congress