Dr. Mikhail Mirilashvili

President of the Euro-Asian Jewish Congress (EAJC). Has been the President of Maccabi-Russia for 25 years, the Vice-President of the World Jewish Congress, the Vice-President of the Russian Jewish Congress, the President of the Jewish Congress of St-Petersburg and much more. Within the framework of his activities Mirilashvili promotes human rights, strives to enrich the Jewish learning and education.

Aaron G. Frenkel

Chairman of the Board of EAJC. WJC Vice-President. An international philanthropist, visionary entrepreneur with a passionate commitment to Israel and the Jewish people.

Temur Ben Yehuda (Khikhinashvili)

First Vice President of EAJC. Chairman of the Israeli-Russian Business Council. Israeli-Russian businessman, philanthropist and president of PATERO Group and TBF Group, one of the leading investment and industrial companies in Russia.

Alexandr Bilinkis

Vice president of EAJC, businessman, public and diplomatic figure, philanthropist.

Emmanuil Grinshpun

First Vice President of EAJC. A member of the European Jewish Parliament (EJP), founder and member of the board of the Jewish community of Moldova and also holds a position of the President of Jewish Congress of Moldova.

Alexander (Aaron) Levin

Vice President of EAJC. An Ukrainian American businessman, philanthropist, president of Kiev Jewish Community, founding president of the World Forum of Russian-Speaking Jewry and a leader of the US Russian-speaking community.

Rami Levy

Vice President of the Euro-Asian Jewish Congress. Israeli businessman, philanthropist, public figure.

Boris Lozhkin

Vice-President of the Euro-Asian Jewish Congress

Victor Naishuller

Vice president of EAJC

Maxim Pasik

Vice President of EAJC. Executive Chairman of Water Gen.

Vadym Rabinovich

First vice-president of EAJC. President of the All-Ukrainian Jewish Congress. Chairman of European Jewish Parliament. President of Association "Ukrainian-Israeli Chamber Of Commerce».

Mark Shabad

Vice President of the EAJC. Known businessman, public figure, and philanthropist.

German Zakharyaev

Vice-President of the EAJC. A well-known businessman, public figure and philanthropist. Vice President of the Russian Jewish Congress, President of the International Charitable Fund of Mountain Jews STMEGI.

Alexander Shenkman

Vice president of EAJC. President of AmediaTV. President of Maccabi Latvia.Has been awarded state, department and public awards, including the Order of Friendship of People for the development of friendly relations between nations.

Moshe Shvets

Vice-President of EAJC

Mikhail Chlenov

Head of the EAJC Strategic Council. Vice President of the World Jewish Congress.

Dr. Haim Ben-Yakov

CEO of the Euro-Asian Jewish Congress.

Meny (Menachem) Bushuev

Deputy CEO of EAJC and Chief of staff of the EAJC President