Statement of Jewish Organizations of Ukraine on Vandalized “Menorah”
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                  Statement of Jewish Organizations of Ukraine on Vandalized “Menorah”

                  Charred ''Menorah" monument after the act of vandalism

                  Statement of Jewish Organizations of Ukraine on Vandalized “Menorah”

                  18.09.2015, Anti-Semitism

                  On the night of September 13, 2015, just before Rosh Hashana (the Jewish New Year), unknown vandals desecrated the “Menorah” memorial located in the Babiy Yar National Historical and Memorial Conservation area. This is the sixth incident of vandalism in 2015 against the “Menorah” memorial.
                  To general indignation, the government authorities and law enforcement agencies still have not taken any effective measures to prevent attacks on this memorial to the victims of one of the most massive shootings of the civilian population in World War II, which is significant not only for Jews, but for every resident of Kyiv. Criminal proceedings were instigated several times, but were soon closed due to lack of evidence.

                  This inaction is even more outrageous if it is considered that the desecration of the Babiy Yar memorial can easily be used as a weapon in the media war against Ukraine. Enemy propaganda can easily use this incident as an example of the anti-Semitic and xenophobic nature of the new Ukrainian government.
                  The Jewish community of Ukraine calls for an immediate, thorough, and all-encompassing investigation of these crimes by the authorities and requests that the Prosecutor General's office take this incident under personal control. We also believe that it would be prudent to install video surveillance or have the police patrol the “Menorah” area to prevent any recurring vandalism, whoever the culprits are — provocateurs, hooligans, or ideologically-motivated anti-Semites.

                  Andrei Adamovsky, Co-President of Vaad Ukraine
                  Josef Zissels, Co-President of Vaad Ukraine
                  Alexander Suslensky, President of the Jewish Council of Ukraine
                  Arkady Monastyrsky, President of the Jewish Forum of Ukraine
                  Igor Kuperberg, Chairman of the Zionist Federation of Ukraine
                  Victoria Godik, President of the Ukrainian Union of Jewish Students