Trump adviser Gorka to address JPost conference
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                  Trump adviser Gorka to address JPost conference

                  Sebastian Gorka. (photo credit:GAGE SKIDMORE,Wikimedia Commons)

                  Trump adviser Gorka to address JPost conference

                  21.04.2017, Israel and the World

                  Sebastian Gorka, a deputy assistant to US President Donald Trump, will address The Jerusalem Post's annual conference in New York in May, the paper announced on Thursday.

                  Gorka was a foreign policy adviser to the president throughout his presidential campaign and currently serves on the staff of National Security Adviser H. R. McMaster. Born in London and with Hungarian roots, he focuses on counter-terrorism policy, and has earned a reputation in Washington for his aggressive stance against radical Islamic terrorism.

                  The Forward has published a series of articles about his family’s alleged ties to Hungary's Order of Vitéz, an historically far-Right and antisemitic group. Gorka has minimized the connection, rejected accusations that he is affiliated with an antisemitic group and claimed that his personal history has been mischaracterized.

                  In his rare public appearance before the Post conference, scheduled for May 7, Gorka is expected to speak on Trump's policies concerning Israel, the Middle East as well as threats posed by Iran and the general phenomenon of religiously motivated terrorism facing the West.

                  By Michael Wilner