Summer Vacation for Ukraine’s Disadvantaged Families
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                  Summer Vacation for Ukraine’s Disadvantaged Families

                  Summer Vacation for Ukraine’s Disadvantaged Families

                  01.08.2017, Community Life

                  FJC’s Alumim children’s home in Zhytomyr, Ukraine hosted a mother-and-child vacation camp for over 25 families in the beginning of the month. Among the participating families, were also families from LifeChanger FSU, a rehabilitation and social support project in Ukraine. LifeChanger helps disadvantaged Jewish children and families relaunch their lives with positive change, and the camp was part of their larger rehabilitation plan.

                  Alumim children’s home and center, run by Mrs. Malki Buiket,  has been organizing summer camps for Ukraine’s destitute children since its establishment in 2007. This year, the camp was based around the theme of IT and cyber-secutiry, relevant to many older children and their mothers.

                  “Being educated about the internet and what its advantages and dangers are is very important today, when our children are growing up surrounded by gadgets and information technology,’ said Chani Matzkevich, LifeChanger coordinator in Zhytomyr. “We thoroughly reviewed the topic.”
                  The campers studied IT topics from many different angles: children discussed its qualities from the view of Jewish tradition, and how technology can be used to play a positive role in one’s education; mothers met with psychologists, who explained the right way to not allow something to a child; younger campers enjoyed art and sand therapy.

                  All participation was free of charge and to all of the families, the camp provided a much-needed opportunity for mother-child quality time, when they could relax, enjoy and learn together in a secure and friendly environment.

                  The camp’s program was developed by LifeChange FSU staff together with the team from Alumim. “During the summer we try hard to not leave anybody out and provide an opportunity for a restful vacation to all our participants. It is very important for parents and children to have an opportunity to spend quality time together – something that disadvantaged families in Ukraine rarely get,” said Irina Chernobryvetz, LifeChanger FSU director.