Murderous attack by Palestinian in Har Hadar 'is the result of systematic incitement by the PA'
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                  Murderous attack by Palestinian in Har Hadar 'is the result of systematic incitement by the PA'

                  Murderous attack by Palestinian in Har Hadar 'is the result of systematic incitement by the PA'

                  26.09.2017, Israel

                  ‘’This murderous attack is the result of – inter alia – systematic incitement by the Palestinian Authority and other elements and I expect Abu Mazen to condemn it and not attempt to justify it,’’ said Israeli Prime Minister at a cabinet meeting, following the killing of three Israelis in a shooting attack by a Palestinian in Har Adar near Jerusalem.

                  Two civilian security officers and a border policeman were shot dead and another Israeli seriously injured in the attack.

                  The terrorist who carried out the attack was identified as Nimr Mahmoud Ahmed Jamal, 37, father of four, who had a permit to work in Har Adar.

                  ‘’The preliminary investigation indicates that he had significant personal and family problems, including those regarding family violence. His wife fled to Jordan several weeks ago and left him with their children,’’ the Shin Bet security agency said.

                  Police said that the assailant, who is from the nearby village of Bayt Surik, arrived at the rear entrance of the community just before 07:00. Arousing suspicion he was questioned prompting him to open fire before being shot and killed by police officers at the scene. Initial reports suggest that the attacker used a handgun reported stolen from an Israeli citizen more than two years ago.

                  Chen Filipovitz, the head of the local council, told Channel 2 News: “Our workers and security coordinator worked as needed. It was not inside the community but at the gate where workers enter. There are hundreds of workers who enter every day to work in Har Adar and the surrounding communities.”

                  Terrorist attacks by Palestinians holding legal work permits are rare. 75,000 workers and 20,000 businesspeople hold permits, and recently the Government accepted a recommendation from the IDF to increase the number of Palestinian workers permitted to enter Israel by 30,000.

                  Israeli President Reuvin Rivlin said: “Such a brutal terror attack once again shows the daily frontline on which our security forces stand, charged today with the most important mission – the safeguarding and defence of the citizens of Israel. We will continue to confront terror, and will reach all its perpetrators and supporters.”

                  Netanyahu said the home of the terrorist will be demolished and that the Israeli army already cordoned off the village. ‘’All work permits for members of the terrorist's extended family are hereby revoked.’’

                  Hamas praised the attack and issued a statement saying: “Once again Jerusalem proves that it is at the heart of the conflict with the occupation, and that there is no way to get it out of the equation of the conflict.”

                  Since September 2015, 53 Israelis, a Palestinian man, two visiting Americans, an Eritrean man and a British student have been killed in a wave of attacks by Palestinian assailants, mainly in stabbing, shooting and car ramming attacks.