Efim Gologorsky obituary
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                  Efim Gologorsky obituary

                  Efim Gologorsky obituary

                  04.02.2017, Congress

                  It is with great sadness that the leaders and workers of the Euro-Asian Jewish Congress have learned of the passing of Efim Gologorsky, Chairman of the Moscow Public Organization of Jewish Survivors of Ghettos and Concentration Camps, Euro-Asian Jewish Congress General Council member, veteran worker of the USSR Ministry of Energy, Power Engineer Emeritus.

                  As a boy, Efim Grigoryevich was taken to a Nazi ghetto, where he suffered the full horror and humiliation of the Nazi occupaiton. Having survived hardship and illness, Gologorsky made some incredible achievements in his professional and community work. After graduating from the Moscow Automobile and Road Construction State Technical University he worked in positions of high responsibility at the USSR Ministry of Energy. He took an active role in building some of the largest power plants and structures in the country, as well as in the creation of the Volzhsky and Kamsky car factories. He published several hundred scientific articles and works. For his great contribution to the automatization of construction and his perennial conscientious work, Efim Gologorovich was decorated with the Order of Honor, as well as a number of other awards specific to the ministry and the economic sector in general.

                  Gologorsky made immeasurable contributions to Jewish life in the USSR and Russia. As he knew the terrors of Nazism first hand, he made it his life’s greatest work to help former prisoners of ghettos and concentration camps, as well as to ensure that the victims of the Holocaust are properly remembered. Thanks to Gologorsky’s energy and devotion, the movement of Jews who were former prisoners of ghettos and concentration camps became a full member of the global Jewish community. The Association of Jewish Former Prisoners of Fascism led by Efim Gologorsky became an integral part of the Euro-, and Efim Grigoryevich himself was one of the most influential members of the EAJC General Council. For his great contribution to the development of Jewish community life, Gologorsky has been decorated with the For Merits medal, which is the highest honor of the Euro-Asian Jewish Congress.

                  The life and work of Efim Grigoryevich is a shining example of selfless service to one’s people and country. He will remain in our memory forever. We grieve together with the family and friends of the deceased, and we hope that the Almighty will allow us all consolation.