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Jewish population

around 8000 people

EAJC Affiliate

Jewish community of India

Judah Samuel

Jewish life in India is centered around the Council of Indian Jewry which operates out of Mumbai and works to ensure that the scattered Jewish communities throughout the country are organized and have representation.

In that regard, the Council of Indian Jewry is affiliated with the EAJC and WJC, on a regional and global scale of communal representation. There are several Jewish organizations that operate in India, including the Zionist Association, B’nai B’rith, a Jewish Club in Mumbai, Bikur Cholim, WIZO, and Hadassah.

Indian Jews have maintained their religion and heritage while also blending into the local culture throughout India. They are part of an ethnically, religiously, linguistically, and culturally diverse nation and have enjoyed little instances of anti-Semitism from non-Jewish population. Indian Jews are active in all aspects of Indian society, including being prominent in Bollywood and occupying high offices of state.

The majority of Indian Jews live in Mumbai and its surrounding areas, including Thane. There are also small communities throughout the country, including Calcutta, Kochi, New Delhi, Bangalore, and Kochi.

There are several Jewish day schools in India, in Mumbai and Calcutta, but such institutions have seen a decline in their student bodies over the last couple of decades. There are also some Jewish educational institutions and options run through the Council of Indian Jewry and international Jewish organizations.

Affiliated organizations and projects in the region

JFuture - Sunday educational platform