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Jewish population

around 1600 people

EAJC Affiliate

Jewish Community of Japan (JCJ)



Almost entirely composed of Jewish foreigners and expatriates, the Japanese Jewish community is well-organized and vibrant. Most Jews live in Tokyo, though there are also smaller communities in Kobe and other cities.

Jewish life in Japan is centered around the Jewish Community of Japan (JCJ), which works to ensure that the Jews in the country, including expatriates on short-term residencies, are accounted for and able to practice Jewish cultural and religious life.

Several Jewish organizations operate in Japan, mostly out of Tokyo. This includes the Japan-Israel Women’s Welfare Organization, Japan Israel Friendship Association, and the Japanese Women’s Group, which all contribute to humanitarian and Jewish educational endeavors undertaken by the Jewish community in Japan.

Jewish religious life in Japan is largely centered around Tokyo, with two active synagogues. There is also an active synagogue in Kobe.

The JFuture Jewish Educational Sunday School, a special project of the Euro-Asian Jewish Congress, functions in Tokyo.

Affiliated organizations and projects in the region