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Jewish population

around 400 people

EAJC Affiliate

Jewish Community in the Republic of Macedonia

Macedonian Jewry is a small, yet active community currently experiencing a revival of interest in Jewish religious life. The community is maintaining ties with all regional Jewish communities, including the ones in Belgrade, Serbia, and Thessaloniki, Greece,

The Jewish Community in the Republic of Macedonia acts as the leading communal group for the Macedonian Jewry, as it encompasses political, social, and religious functions for Jews across the country.

The Macedonian Jewish participates in the yearly Mahar Conference, which is hosted by the Montenegrin Jewish community bringing together the Jewish communities of Southern Europe.

The Beth Yaakov Synagogue in Skopje is the only functioning Jewish house of worship in the country.

Due to the small size of the community there are currently no Jewish day schools, though the Jewish community in Skopje is now able to operate a Sunday school. Referred to as the “Children’s Corner”, this weekly Jewish education covers the basics of Judaism, including holidays, customs, and traditions.