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Jewish population

around 2000 people

EAJC Affiliate

Jewish Cultural Center of Monaco Monte Carlo

Monaco, avenue du Berceau, 3

+377 97 70 23 62; +33 (0)6 62 12 23 32

Aaron G. Frenkel

Monaco had a very small Jewish presence before World War II, mostly from France. During World War II, the government issued false identity papers to the Jewish residents to protect them from Nazi deportation. However, 90 Jews in total were arrested and deported. After the war, the Jewish families from Central Europe, North Africa, and Turkey arrived in a ruined country.

In 1948, along with the State of Israel, the Jewish community “Culturelle Israelite de Monaco” was founded. Today the Jewish population of Monaco mostly comes from Britain, the United States, and North Africa. The old mansion in Monte Carlo was rebuilt into a synagogue. There is a Jewish school in the Jewish community.