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Jewish population

around 400 people

EAJC Affiliate

Jewish Association of the Philippines

(632) 815-0265

Paul Rosenberg

During World War II, the Philippine Commonwealth Government established an ‘open door policy’ for Jews escaping the Holocaust in Europe, creating a safe haven for 1,200 Jews. While the Philippines’ diverse Jewry has considerably reduced over the years, it remains a vibrant and welcoming Jewish community.

The communal organization of Philippine Jews is the Jewish Association of the Philippines. In 1983, the Beth Yaacov synagogue was erected in downtown Makati. The synagogue houses a social hall, kitchen, classrooms, and Mikvah. Beth Yaacov offers a number of Jewish education options to its congregation.

The Jewish Association of the Philippines produces a monthly newsletter that is curtailed to its congregation, featuring photos of recent community events as well as a monthly calendar.