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Jewish population

around 400 people

EAJC Affiliate

Jewish Community of Slovenia

+386 (0) 31 376 468

Boris Čerin-Levi

Slovenia is home for Jews of both Ashkenazi and Sephardi descent with most Jews live in Ljubljana. Slovenian Jewry is well organized and actively engaged in numerous facets of Slovenian society, including political and cultural life.

Since the year 2000, there has been a noticeable revival of Jewish culture in Slovenia with several public events organized by the Slovenian Jewish community and well-received by the general public. Moreover, there has recently been a growing public interest in the Jewish historical legacy in Slovenia.

The Jewish Cultural Center (JCC) in Ljubljana serves the social life of the city’s Jews and international visitors by presenting innovative, entertaining, and educational topics. In terms of communal representative organizations, the Jewish Community of Slovenia serves as a religious umbrella organization for all Jews in Slovenia, officially recognized by the Slovenia government.

Jewish religious identification experienced a revival in the aftermath of Slovenian independence in 1992 with the rebuilding of the Jewish Cultural Center in Ljubljana. Many Slovenian Jews began to reaffiliate themselves with other Slovenian Jews and take an active part in the country’s Jewish community. As a result, the Jewish community in Slovenia has prospered in the last couple of decades. A new synagogue was opened in Ljubljana in 2003.