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Dr. Haim Ben Yakov on the situation in Ukraine (Channel 14)

EAJC Director General Dr. Haim Ben Yakov took part in a special edition of the Israeli TV channel 14 program “Ahshav Knesset” (“Now the Knesset”) dedicated to the armed conflict on the territory of Ukraine. He spoke about the efforts made by the leaders of the Congress in the name of stabilizing the situation in the region and saving people’s lives. “In the current situation, when people die every day – hundreds, thousands of people – everything possible must be done to force the conflicting parties to calm down, to take a step back. Humanitarian assistance is also essential,” said Dr. Haim Ben Yakov.

He noted that from the very beginning of the escalation, influential people in Moscow and Washington have been trying to influence the parties to the conflict and are making every possible effort to achieve peace. “The President of the Congress, Dr. Michael Mirilashvili, is convinced that each of us must do at least something that he can – and even a little more – in the name of achieving peace,” the EAJC Director General added.

The recording of the program (in Hebrew) can be viewed on the EAJC Youtube channel: