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EAJC Vice President runs humanitarian initiative for Ukrainian refugees

Humanitarian initiative has been launched in Austria to help Ukrainian refugees with the resettlement, providing them with primary counseling assistance, medicines and food. The initiative is headed by the newly elected Vice President of the Euro-Asian Jewish Congress Matvei Hutman. The project was founded under the auspices of the famous textile brand Palmers.

“Everybody suffers in a war, regardless of nationality, religious views  or anything else. That is why we help everyone. We act in strict accordance with the law and ethical standards”, points out Matvei Hutman.

Throughout these difficult days, the leaders of the EAJC help to cope with the catastrophic humanitarian situation in Ukraine.

According to head of the UN refugee agency, 2 million people have already left Ukraine. Most of them are now in the EU. Among those people, of course, are members of the Jewish community as well, who are already receiving aid in a number of European countries.

Euro-Asian Jewish Congress appeals to all our fellow organizations and communities to provide as much help as they can.

Anyone who would like to help Ukrainian refugees in Austria can do so via bank transfer. Beneficiary details:

Spendenkonto ltd.auf: Palmers Textil AG A-1220 Wien, Donau-City-Straße 11

Raiffeisenbank Region Amstetten, Austria Raiffeisenplatz 1, 3300 Amstetten

IBAN: AT32 3202 5000 0011 2581 BIC: RLNWATWWAMS

We also remind you that EAJC has opened its own humanitarian aid fund for the Jews of Ukraine.

Photo Credit: © European Union, 2022.