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Jewish leaders of Central Asia met in Kazakhstan

Under the auspices of the EAJC and the Association of Jewish national organizations of the Republic of Kazakhstan, an international conference of leaders of Jewish communities and organizations in Central Asia was held.

The Euro-Asian Jewish Congress regional office in Central Asia is making every effort to revive and develop Jewish culture in the region, striving to provide all Central Asian Jews with the opportunity to live a meaningful life in accordance with Jewish tradition.

“We are grateful to you, the Jewish leaders of Central Asia, for your devotion and willingness to further develop the Jewish communities and organizations in the region,” EAJC Director-General Haim Ben Yaakov welcomed the audience. “We greatly appreciate every initiative that promotes the harmonization of interethnic relations in the region, as well as the support that Jewish organizations provide to low-income Jewish families. Special gratitude goes to the conference organizers Alexander Baron, Director of the EAJC Central Asian Office, and Inessa Chugainova, Director of the Rimon Jewish Community Center. ”

Within the framework of the international meeting, round tables were held at which the Jewish leaders of Central Asia, together with the EAJC representatives, discussed sociological trends and the role of online media in the field of community building, the integration processes of Jewish communities in the region, as well as the goals and objectives of the EAJC regional office in Central Asia.