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Сhildren’s camp “Integration”


The children’s camp “Integration” is an international project for children with disabilities. The city camp serves as a platform for the integration of families with special children into society and the Jewish community. This project has existed at the Moscow Jewish Community House since 2004.

The Euro-Asian Jewish Congress has been actively supporting the camp’s activities for several years and assisting in the implementation of activities that help to ensure social adaptation of families in order to establish constructive contacts with the outside world. In addition, the camp promotes backward integration, when ordinary children who interact with special children within the framework of projects become more open, tolerant, understanding, and accepting “other” children. The desire and readiness to help them whenever possible is formed. Unjustified fears and prejudice disappear.

This project allows families with children with disabilities along with ordinary children to go on excursions, to get acquainted with the historical past of our people, to develop their horizons and get new experiences and experience. In workshops and classes all participants are united by a creative process, a special atmosphere. Special children get experience in a group, learn to bring things to a logical end.

Professional psychologists, social workers and art educators take part in the project. Psychological support promotes morale and strengthens relationships within the family. Thanks to the successful work of the project, new people come to us, hoping for real help.

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