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Support of the organization “Hillel” Russia

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Hillel Russia – part of the world’s largest Jewish student organization that introduces young people to the history, traditions, values and culture of the Jewish people.

Hillel Russia was formed in 1994 with the mission of strengthening Jewish identity among young people and encouraging them to actively participate in the life of the global Jewish community. The focus of Hillel’s cultural activity – informal study of Jewish history and traditions, introduction to Israel and participation in leadership and volunteer programs.

The Euro-Asian Jewish Congress supports various Hillel Russia projects, including:

• Madrichim School – an intensive three-month training course for madrichs in non-formal Jewish education. The school of madrichim educates leaders who are well-versed in matters of Jewish culture and history, able to organize, captivate and pass their knowledge onto others.

• Young Jewish Leaders: Student Leadership and Self-Government – a program that develops and supports a new generation of leaders in the Jewish communities of Russia. Participants implement their projects over the course of six months, after which the best project managers undergo special trainings at Hillel and participate in Moscow shabbatons. The program contributes to the enrichment of Jewish life in Russia and the awakening of Jewish identity among its participants.

• Online Course: Leading Shabbat – preparatory crash course for Shabbat leaders to learn about the culture of Shabbat in webinar format with the help of rabbis, cultural scientists and Jewish leaders. The two best participants, based on test results, will be rewarded with a trip to a Hillel of another city with the possibility of leading a Shabbat for local youth.

• Student initiatives, including tsevet and volunteering:

— Tsevet supports and gives new knowledge to active students of Hillel – madrichs or project coordinators.

— Volunteering – support program targeting volunteer initiatives. The project aims to support and develop the motivation of community activists in Russia.

• Professional Training – four-day conference for all Hillel Russia staff to increase knowledge in areas of work, exchange of experience and professional development.

• Jewish Holidays – student celebrations of the main Jewish holidays: Purim, Pesach, Rocha ha-Shanu, Hanukkah, etc. Each time the program includes something new: parties, picnics, seminars and lectures.

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