We express our deepest condolences to the relatives and friends of Yasha Alfandari

On behalf of the Euro-Asian Jewish Congress, we express our deepest condolences to the relatives and friends of Yasha Alfandari, as well as to the entire Jewish community of Montenegro. Mr. Alfandari devoted many years of his life to the revival of the Jewish community of his country.


The EAJC welcomes the adoption of the UN Human Rights Council’s joint statement

At the United Nations Human Rights Council’s 38th session in Geneva Hungary led and delivered a joint statement on behalf of 21 co-sponsoring nations, denouncing anti-Semitism as a serious problem extending beyond the Jewish community, and calling on the international community to take concrete measures to combat the phenomenon.


EAJC and Hillel agree to expand cooperation

A meeting was held yesterday, June 27, 2018, between the president of the Euro-Asian Jewish Congress, Michael Mirilashvili, and the president of the Hillel organization, former congressman, Eric Fingerhut. Mr. Fingerhut thanked Mirilashvili for his contribution to the development of Jewish communities in general, and Hillel's projects in particular.


Keren Hayesod Expands To Euro-Asia, Appoints Mirilashvili As New President

The Orient Hotel in Jerusalem hosted a gala dinner last night, June 24, 2018, in honor of Natan Sharansky, organized by the World Council of Trustees of the Jewish Agency and the Keren Hayesod 'Keren Hayesod - United Israel Appeal' Board. The event announced the establishment of the post of President of the Keren Hayesod in Eur-Asia and the appointment of the President of the Euro-Asian Jewish Congress (EAJC), Dr. Michael Mirilashvili, to this post.


EAJC President Summarized Year's Accomplishments at WJC Executive Committee Meeting

The World Jewish Congress executive committee gathered in Prague this week for its bi-annual meeting, to discuss the pressing issues facing their communities around the world. A central event was the speech of EAJC President, Mikhail Mirilashvili, in which he told the audience about the achievements of the organization for the year since his election to the position, and shared his plans for the future.


EAJC greetings to the delegates of the MWU 28th Congress

The Euro-Asian Jewish Congress welcomes 350 leaders from 40 countries, leaders of Jewish communities and leading businessmen from all over the world: participants in the 28th Congress of the Maccabi World Union.


Happy Shavuot!

It is the most pivotal event in the history of the Jewish people, who after long and hard years of slavery, became a unified nation with a powerful mission given by God.



The leadership of the Euro-Asian Jewish Congress is deeply concerned about the anti-Semitic incidents in Poltava, Odessa and Ostrog. The desecration of the monument to the victims of Nazism and the tomb of Rabbi Magarsho are cowardly and cynical acts of xenophobia. The history of mankind proves that if perpetrators of such crimes go unpunished, this can lead to escalation and even, to cases of physical violence


David Lau: EAJC goals are very important for the Jewish people

Yesterday (Monday), a delegation of the Euro-Asian Jewish Congress headed by Mikhail Mirilashvili met with the Chief Rabbi of Israel, David Lau. The EAJC President presented the goals of the Congress and spoke about the reforms that took place in the organization over the past year.