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About Us

The EAJC started in 1991-1993 when the Jewish organizations of the collapsed Soviet Union became part of the World Jewish Congress and formed in its framework a Euro-Asian section, which, in addition to the post-Soviet countries, also included small Jewish communities in the countries of Central, Eastern Europe, and Asia. Later on, the section was renamed the Euro-Asian Jewish Congress.

In 2001, Congress entered the new century as an umbrella organization operating independently under the auspices of the WJC. In the first decades of work, under the leadership of Mika Chlenov and the well-known public figure Alexander Mashkevich, the EAJC is gaining strength and influence, implementing dozens of essential projects, uniting and consolidating the Jewish life of the region. During this period, organized Jewish life in the post-Soviet space truly blossomed and took root.

In 2017, businessman and philanthropist Michael Mirilashvili, who stood at the origins of the organization and for many years supported the activities of the Congress as First Vice President, was elected President of the EAJC. A new chapter in the history of the organization begins.

Today the EAJC is one of the leading Jewish forces in the region. The EAJC is directly involved in the Jewish life of the region, represents and defends the interests of the Jewish communities and the State of Israel in the international arena.

Our Principles

EAJC represents Jewish communities of the region in international organizations and diplomatically advocates for the interests of the Jewish population and the Jewish State.

Focus Areas

EAJC Partners

EAJC is expanding its influence both locally and internationally, cooperating with the world’s leading Jewish organizations.