Pesach Kosher v'Sameah from the President of EAJC

On Passover, we celebrate the liberation of our ancestors from Egyptian slavery and our becoming a free nation, with our own destiny - to change our world for the better. Since the events of the first Passover, the Jewish people have passed through countless trials, but even scattered around the world, we have preserved our faith and our ideals. Today, we look toward the future with hope and confidence.


Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein Became a New Vice President of EAJC

The IFCJ and the EAJC will cooperate on a series of issues, including the security of Jewish communities, following the trail of anti-Semitic incidents, and supporting Sunday schools in the communities which are members of the Congress.


Congratulation of the EAJC President on Purim

Purim is, above all, a celebration of our victory over the forces of antisemitism. We must never forget our roots, and what we are ready to do for our people. When we are united and spiritually strong, we can never be defeated. Together, we will overcome those who are hostile to our people. I send my warmest wishes of blessings and prosperity.


First in Israel: Emergency Medical Center Staffed by Specialists

The Yad Sarah - Frenkel Emergency Medical Center opened this past week in Jerusalem. Unlike other emergency medical centers in Israel which are staffed by general practitioners and feature one universal department that accepts all patients, the new medical center is divided into three departments—Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, and Gynecology, with a field specialist assigned to each respective department. The brand-new medical center, named the "Frenkel Emergency Medical Center", is the generous donation of the international businessman and Chairman of the Euro-Asian Jewish Congress (EAJC) Aaron Frenkel who dedicated the center in memory of his parents RChaim and Fruma, z”l.


EAJC Executive Director meets with Russian Federation MP

The Acting Executive Director of the Euro-Asian Jewish Congress Haim Ben Yakov has visited the Russian Federation State Duma and held negotiations with MP Natalia Kuvshinova, who is a member of the Committee for Youth Affairs.


In rare move, Belarus Jews sound alarm over cemetery construction plan

The Euro-Asian Jewish Congress, where the Belarusian union of communities is a member, issued a stronger condemnation of the ruling, saying the courts in Belarus are “dependent on the executive bodies,” according to the 2017 country report for Belarus by the Freedom House democracy watchdog. Freedom House ranks Belarus as the least free nation in the European part of the former Soviet Union, labeling it the continent’s only “consolidated authoritarian regime” besides Russia.


EAJC supports Russia's participation in renovation of the Sobibor Museum

Mikhael Mirilashvili, President of the Euro-Asian Jewish Congress (EAJC), expressed his surprise at a decision rendered by the international managing committee charged with renovating the Sobibor Concentration Camp Museum to refuse Russia’s participation and assistance in the project. Mirilashvili noted that it is necessary to differentiate between international politics and the obligation to honor the memory of Holocaust victims.



The delegates of the Extraordinary General Assembly of the Euro-Asian Jewish Congress (EAJC), which is currently taking place in Ramat Gan, elected the known businessman and philanthropist Mikhail Mirilashvili to the post of EAJC President.