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Author: EAJC

Rabbi’s Word: Hard to have faith

We continue cooperation with the institute of Rabbi Adin Even-Israel Steinsaltz and publish specially prepared material for the communities of the EAJC members. We publish this article after the death of Rabbi Steinsaltz, one of the greatest philosophers of our generation, a scientist and a

Euro-Asian Jewish Congress congratulates on Aliyah Day

Today, on the seventh day of the month of Cheshvan, according to the Jewish calendar, Israel marks Aliyah Day (Repatriation Day). The decision to celebrate Aliyah Day was legislatively adopted by the Israeli parliament in June 2016 to highlight the importance and contribution of the

“Notnim Tikva” is helping thousands of children

In the largest children’s hospital in Israel at the Sheba Medical Center, operates a public organization “Notnim Tikva” (Giving Hope), established in 2004 to help sick children and their parents. “Notnim Tikva” has already helped thousands of children. The organization is engaged in fundraising for

Happy Sukkot! (video)

Dear colleagues and friends! Happy Sukkot to everyone! Learn about what and how do we celebrate on Sukkot in our special video👇