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                  EAJC news
                  “From the Depths of the Ages” competition results
                  15.11.2016, Community Life
                  Alexander Baron meets with US Consulate Officer
                  Hungarian Consul Blaumann visits Jewish community of Almaty
                  EAJC GC Chairman participates in second Crimean Forum
                  EAJC GC Chairman Josef Zissels meets with Ukrainian President as part of Helsinki Group
                  10.11.2016, Congress
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                  World Jewish News
                  Ivanka Trump is Jewish after all says chief rabbinate
                  08.12.2016, Community Life
                  Berlin rabbi welcomes next German president Steinmeier as ‘proud friend of Jewish people’
                  08.12.2016, Jews and Society
                  Young Jewish Leaders Convene in Moscow
                  08.12.2016, Community Life
                  Prime ministerial appointment splits Jews of France – who adored Valls
                  07.12.2016, Jews and Society
                  Why Elie Wiesel never moved to Israel
                  07.12.2016, Culture
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                  "WWIII has begun": On the Brink, part II
                  "WWIII has begun": On the Brink, part I
                  President of Israel Meets With Russian Jewish Community. Moscow, May 10, 2010.
                  President of Israel Meets With Russian Jewish Community. Moscow, May 10, 2010.
                  EAJC Congress College Session. Moscow, February 18, 2010.
                  Introduction of the Torah Scroll to the Poklonnaya Gora Synagogue. Moscow, May 10, 2010.
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                  Expert: in underdeveloped countries anti-Semitism means anti-Americanism also
                  18.11.2016, Xenophobia and anti-Semitism
                  The full transcript of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s address to the United Nations General Assembly
                  Annual report on xenophobia in Ukraine in 2015
                  06.09.2016, Xenophobia and anti-Semitism
                  Two myths about nationalism and anti-Semitism in Ukraine
                  11.08.2016, Xenophobia and anti-Semitism
                  The Far Right in the Conflict between Russia and Ukraine
                  11.08.2016, Xenophobia and anti-Semitism
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                  «Programm Report of the Euro-Asian Jewish Congress Office in Kiev – 2015»

                  Most of EAJC programs are implemented by the EAJC Directorate (Kiev, Director – EAJC General Council Chairman, Chairman of the Vaad of Ukraine Josef Zissels, Program Director – Mila Braginskaya).