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                  EAJC news
                  EAJC GC Chairman Meets With Chairman of the All-Ukrainian Council of Churches
                  25.05.2015, Ukraine
                  Robert Singer Visits EAJC Moscow Office
                  22.05.2015, Congress
                  “History and Lessons of the Holocaust” Competition takes place in Kyiv
                  22.05.2015, Ukraine
                  EAJC congratulates you on Shavuot!
                  22.05.2015, Congress
                  WJC and EAJC Representatives Meet With RF Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs
                  20.05.2015, Congress
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                  World Jewish News
                  Figure of Jewish community in Switzerland dies
                  28.05.2015, Community Life
                  Court in Germany confirms that calling 'death and hate to Zionists' is tantamount to anti-Semitism
                  28.05.2015, Anti-Semitism
                  Tony Blair resigns as Quartet envoy, believes best way to help peace process is without formal role
                  28.05.2015, Israel and the World
                  Two Jewish members added to German government's anti-Semitism commission
                  28.05.2015, Anti-Semitism
                  Opening of Jewish Museum in Porto
                  28.05.2015, Culture
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                  "WWIII has begun": On the Brink, part I
                  "WWIII has begun": On the Brink, part II
                  World Congress of Russian Press. Israel, May 23, 2010
                  World Congress of Russian Press. Israel, May 23, 2010
                  Introduction of the Torah Scroll to the Poklonnaya Gora Synagogue. Moscow, May 10, 2010.
                  President of Israel Meets With Russian Jewish Community. Moscow, May 10, 2010.
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                  Anti-Semitism in CIS Countries - 2014: EAJC Report
                  21.05.2015, Xenophobia and anti-Semitism
                  Putin, Ukraine and historical revisionism
                  18.05.2015, Communities of Eurasia
                  Security of the Jewish Community in Ukraine
                  23.03.2015, Communities of Eurasia
                  Clear and Present Danger
                  19.01.2015, Xenophobia and anti-Semitism
                  Do the Jews of Armenia need to be rescued?
                  22.12.2014, Xenophobia and anti-Semitism
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                  «EAJC ACTIVITY REPORT 2007-2012»

                  The programs of the Euro-Asian Jewish Congress (EAJC) are being implemented by the EAJC Program Directorate (Kyiv, headed by EAJC General Council Chairman Josef Zisels, current Director of Programs – Mila Braginskaya). Some of the programs are coordinated by the Moscow office (headed by EAJC Secretary General Michael Chlenov, Office Director – Natalia Schmidt). The Kazakhstan office, led by EAJC General Council member Alexander Baron, joined their efforts in the first quarter of 2012. The main programs which have been in implementation by the Congress over the five years that have passed since the last EAJC General Assembly (Jerusalem, July 2007) are listed below.

                  Question 1
                  Question 2