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Michael Mirilashvili


Mr. Michael Mirilashvili was born in 1960 in Kulashi, Georgia. He acquired his medical education at St-Petersburg Medical School, Russia, and graduated in 1983 as a qualified pediatrician. Already as a young doctor, Mirilashvili entered the business world and in the course of time, his business activities became global.

Today, Mr. Mirilashvili’s business group includes hi-tech companies and companies of development, maintenance, and management of commercial and office real estate.

In the course of his entire life and as soon as it became possible, Mr. Mirilashvili has been devoting his time and resources to broad philanthropic activities for the Jewish people and the State of Israel. He contributes a lot to strengthening Jewish communities in the CIS and makes generous donations to the restoration of synagogues and communal institutions. He supports connections between the Jewish communities and the State of Israel.

Mr. Mirilashvili serves today as President of the Euro-Asian Jewish Congress (EAJC), and has been the President of Maccabi-Russia for 25 years, the Vice-President of the World Jewish Congress, the Vice-President of the Russian Jewish Congress, the President of the Jewish Congress of St-Petersburg and much more.

Within the framework of his activities, he promotes human rights, strives to enrich Jewish learning and education, and contributes to creating new synagogues and soup kitchens.

Michael Mirilashvili is conducting wide international philanthropic activities through Keren HaYesod and he gave large donations to a series of national projects in Israel. Among them: Assisting the repatriation of Jews from the states where they suffer mistreatment. In the past, he was the Chairman of the ZAKA organization. His recent activities include: Sending a plane with Israeli physicians and paramedics to help the victims of the terror attack in Burgas, Bulgaria; The creation of the station of fire trucks after “The Carmel Disaster”; Donation of Torah scrolls to IDF units, etc.

Mr. Michael Mirilashvili supports the Yad Vashem project – “The Center of the historical studies on the Soviet Jews in the years of the Holocaust”.

Michael is married to Laura, who is also involved in many charity projects. They have two children – a daughter Tamara and a son Itzhak – and six grandchildren.

Itzhak, is the founder of the Russian social network “Vkontakte” and of the charity fund “Meromim”, continuing the charity traditions of his father.

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