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The center of the Jewish community “Beit Rambam”

Shtetl Anatevka is described in the play “Tevye the Milkman” by Shalom Aleichem. In the old Jewish cemetery near the village is located the oel of the great tzaddik Rabbi Mordechai from Chernobyl, who foresaw the Chernobyl disaster almost 200 years before its implementation. In the early twentieth century the shtetl gradually came to desolation. On the initiative of the Chief Rabbi of Ukraine Moshe-Reuven Asman, in 2015, the revival of the Jewish town began in the same place. To date, the hostel, a synagogue, a cheder, a training and educational complex “Mitsvat Moshe”, a kindergarten “Gan Zelda”, two apartment buildings are functioning in Anatevka. In the process of construction – a separate header building, the third apartment building, a multi-profile rehabilitation center, a Jewish museum.

The revival of Anatevka was a response to the needs of low-income Jews of Ukraine in a comfortable and safe environment for the conduct of the Jewish way of life. The concept of the Beit Rambam center implies social, psychological, physical, spiritual rehabilitation for those who find themselves in a difficult life situation, as well as for elderly members of the community.

Particular attention “Beit Rambam” refers to members of the community of golden age. On the basis of the center, it is planned to create a full-day club for the elderly, where they could spend leisure time in the Jewish environment, engage in self-education, improve health, and receive full-fledged kosher food.

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