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EAJC Chairman, Aaron G. Frenkel, helped Israeli coronavirus victims

Chairman of the Board of the Euro-Asian Jewish Congress, Aaron G. Frenkel contributed five cargo aircraft full of medical equipment and 14 million shekels to the fight against COVID-19 through the largest Israeli voluntary organization, Yad Sarah.

Mr. Frenkel has also matched all donations to the organization to bring life-saving respiratory equipment to Israel.

“In my life, I have learned that our tests in life are not when things are good. It is when things are bad – when people need you. When a disaster is coming, that is when you are tested,” said Aaron G. Frenkel.

Yad Sarah, the largest national volunteer organization in Israel, with seven thousand volunteers and more than 115 branches nationwide, has embarked on a lightning campaign to bring thousands of respirators and oxygen generators to Israel. 

Mr. Frenkel, a long-time supporter of Yad Sarah, considers the organization uniquely suited to deal with this type of medical emergency: Yad Sarah’s existing network of contacts with its suppliers enables it to receive the necessary equipment.