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Bright fall season of the Russian Union of Jewish Students

The Russian Union of Jewish Students (RUJS) was created in 2015 on the initiative of the head of the Union of Israeli Students (Jewish Club) MGIMO Shota Mirilashvili, and from the first steps, the Euro-Asian Jewish Congress became the general partner of the young organization.

“We are proud to support the innovative initiatives of the RUJS leaders who develop new creative approaches to working with the student community. The development and strengthening of the Jewish student fraternity are one of the key activities of the EAJC, ”said Dr. Haim Ben Yaakov, EAJC Director General.

Currently, the Russian Union of Jewish Students unites 17 university Jewish clubs and comprehensively supports the development of the Jewish student community in Russia.

On November 8, the MSU Jewish Club, with the support of RUJS, introduced Jewish culture and the State of Israel on National Cultural Day at the Moscow State University. Jewish and Israeli cuisine, as well as the creative composition “Shma Israel”, were warmly received by the public.

RUJS aims to preserve and pass the historical memory of the Jewish people. On October 31, the third meeting with former Nazi prisoners took place as part of a joint project of the Russian Union of Jewish Students (RUJS) and the Moscow Association of Jews – former prisoners of the ghetto and Nazi concentration camps.

RUJS was among the organizers of the International Youth Conference “The Second World War: Truth for Peace,” which was held on November 6-9 in Moscow.

The conference was attended by young historians, teachers, politicians, student and youth organizations as well as media professionals from 27 regions of Russia and 21 states. At the invitation of the RUJS, delegates from international youth Jewish organizations of Europe and Israel also attended the conference.

RUJS is perfectly integrated into the dynamic life of the global Jewish student community. On November 6-8, the RUJS leaders welcomed a delegation of their partners from the World Union of Jewish Students and the European Union of Jewish Students. Besides, on November 8-10 the RUJS representatives took part in the International Youth Shabbaton in Rome.

The Russian Union of Jewish Students helps students successfully shape their professional future. EAJC welcomes the new agreement between the RUJS and the Israeli-Russian Business Council. One of the joint projects will be a series of lectures by leading experts from Israel and Russia for students of Moscow and regional universities.