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Shana Tova from EAJC!


Dear friends!

We heartily congratulate you on the coming new year 5780!

According to Jewish tradition, Rosh Hashanah is not only the birthday of the world and the beginning of a new year. Every year on this day, the Almighty judges people, nations, and countries for their deeds, deciding what the coming year will be like for every person and the whole world.

We in the Euro-Asian Jewish Congress hope that next year the world’s Jewish communities will continue to support the State of Israel in the same way that Israel will always defend the rights of Jews wherever they live. We are one people, tested for strength by countless trials, and together we are capable of great achievements.

In the coming year, the Euro-Asian Jewish Congress will continue to assist the development and prosperity of the Jewish communities in the Euro-Asian region so that all Jews can safely celebrate Jewish holidays, remembering their roots and honoring their heritage. In the coming year join us to complete these tasks together.

On Rosh Hashanah we gather with family and friends around the festive table to wish each other happiness.

May the coming year be good and prosperous for you and your families. May you be inscribed into the Book of Life for a good year! Shana Tova!

Dr. Mikhail M. Mirilashvili, President

Aaron G. Frenkel, Chairman of the Board

Dr. Haim Ben Yakov, Chief Executive Officer