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Children with special needs and their families had fun in the urban Jewish camp “Meodomik”

Children of different ages, including children with special needs, had a good time in the summer camp “Meodomik”, organized by the Moscow Jewish Community House, a member of the Jewish community centers association of the CIS countries, with the support of the EAJC.

This is one of the brightest and favorite projects of the Moscow Jewish Community and the Eurasian Jewish Congress, and it is based on the idea of a joint playground, where there is a place for every child.

The camp program allows children with special needs to go on excursions, get acquainted with the historical past of the Jewish people, develop their horizons and get new impressions and experience on a par with other children.

Special children of the “Integration” project get experience in a group, learn to be in a peer team, pay attention to other people, relate their needs to the needs of others, develop communication skills.

Families with special children can change their surroundings, find new forms of interaction with the world, and communicate with new people.

Interesting creative workshops on ceramics, origami, chess, dough-painting, carving, cooking sweets, painting napkins for Shabbath challah, Jewish music and dance lessons as well as fun games and fascinating excursions were held for children.

48 children from 6 to 14 years, among them 15 kids with special needs took part in “Meodomik” Jewish camp. The camp organizers managed to create the warm atmosphere of a cozy Jewish home. Well done!