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Congratulations to Mr. Moshe Lion on his election as mayor of Jerusalem

Dear Mr. Moshe Lion,

On behalf of the Euro-Asian Jewish Congress (EAJC), we congratulate you on your election as mayor of Jerusalem. In a competitive and fair fight, you were supported by the majority of residents of the city of Jerusalem – the eternal capital of world cultures and civilizations.
Our citizens believed in you and your team’s ability to change life for the better, and in your intentions to create conditions for solving not only urban communal problems, but also issues of a global scale, and to contribute to ensuring security, peace and harmony in our land.
We hope that the Jerusalem leadership will react positively to the initiative of the EAJC and a number of public organizations and citizens, to establish a memorial in honor of the participants of the Second World War and the people of Leningrad who survived the years of the Nazi blockade.
We would like to express the hope that under your leadership, Jerusalem will achieve a breakthrough in both economic and social spheres, in the development of high-tech industries, and in urban infrastructure. Ahead of us are many years of well-being and prosperity.

President of the Euro-Asian Jewish Congress Mikhail Mirilashvili
Chairman of the Board of the Euro-Asian Jewish Congress Aaron Frenkel
CEO of the Euro-Asian Jewish Congress  Dr. Haim Ben-Yakov