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EAJC leaders helped Afghan refugees find asylum

Photo and video by IsraAID

Today, a group of 40 Afghan residents have been successfully granted asylum in Canada. The issue was settled in common effort of government officials from several countries and the international humanitarian agency IsraAID, which helps the most vulnerable people in the world. Chairman of the Board of the Euro-Asian Jewish Congress Aaron G. Frenkel and Honorary President of the EAJC Alexander Mashkevich also made a great contribution to facilitating this process.

“When some worrying events occur in the world, such as a situation in Afghanistan today, we, as the Jewish people, have no right to stand aside, and if it is within our power to provide assistance to the victims, we feel our duty to come to the rescue. We are very glad that 40 people today regained their hope for a new life,” said EAJC Board Chairman Aaron G. Frenkel.