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EAJC leaders meet with Israel’s President-elect Isaac Herzog

On 21 June, President of the Euro-Asian Jewish Congress Dr. Michael Mirilashvili, EAJC CEO Dr. Haim Ben Yakov and EAJC Treasurer Menachem Busuhuev met with the elected President of the State of Israel Isaac Herzog.

During the meeting the leaders of the EAJC congratulated Mr. Herzog on his election as the President of Israel and discussed the main areas of cooperation.

As a Jewish State Israel is responsible for the Jewish communities around the world, therefore the establishment of the strong links between Israel and Diaspora need to be a priority issue. In this process it is essential to engage the leaders of the communities and organizations, since their potential is not engaged enough now. Connecting the leaders form more than 20 countries of Diaspora, the EAJC is willing to provide a platform for the stable dialogue between leaders of Diaspora communities and the State of Israel.

2021 marks 30th anniversary of the re-establishment of diplomatic relations between Israel and Soviet Union. On 18 October 1991 the Soviet ambassador to Israel Alexander Bovin presented diplomatic credentials to the President of the State of Israel Chaim Herzog. Eight days after, USSR disintegrated and Russia maintained diplomatic relations with Israel as Soviet Union’s legal successor on the international stage. Over the years the State of Israel has established diplomatic relations with other Post-soviet states. It was agreed that the special ceremony will be held in honour of this historic event.

Following on the service as chairman of the Jewish Agency for Israel and the deep knowledge of the Jewry in Diaspora, the elected President of Israel Isaac Herzog supported initiatives of the EAJC leaders and expressed the readiness for cooperation between Presidential office and Euro-Asian Jewish Congress.