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EAJC President Summarized Year's Accomplishments at WJC Executive Committee Meeting


The World Jewish Congress executive committee gathered in Prague this week for its bi-annual meeting, to discuss the pressing issues facing their communities around the world. A central event was the speech of  EAJC President, Mikhail Mirilashvili, in which he told the audience about the achievements of the organization for the year since his election to the position, and shared his plans for the future.
The Euro-Asian region is distinguished by the diversity of countries and Jewish it represents, but the EAJC seeks to unite them as part of the broader Jewish World while preserving the unique identity of each community.
 “We see ourselves as part of a global Jewish community and, at the same time, we understand the uniqueness of the Jewish organizations, members of the EAJC, differing in their mentality and culture.The structure of our organization includes both large Jewish communities with significant resources like Russia and Ukraine, where coordination of efforts and positions between numerous Jewish organizations are required. In addition, we work with small communities like Jewish community of Armenia, Tajikistan and the Balkan region, where we have to support essential programs and projects,”  Mirilashvili said.
Israel plays an important role in the EAJC’s activities. The Congress cooperates with the Jewish state and pays special attention to the communication of its member communities with Israel.
 “We believe that the State of Israel is the center of the Jewish world and a source of pride for all Jews.Our efforts are aimed at clarifying the importance of its war against terror. We established strong contacts within the Institute of international Relations in Moscow, the center for the training of diplomats for many countries of the former Soviet bloc.  Together, we hold forums to explain the position of the State of Israel. We thank the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ambassadors of Israel in the country members of the EAJC for this cooperation, ” said the president of EAJC.
Additionally, together with the World Jewish Congress, the EAJC has expanded the activities of the Youth Diplomatic Corps and various community security programs in its region. We’ve managed to restore activities at the Union of Jewish Students, to support special projects of the Hillel organization, and to expand the work of the Limmud project. Another important achievement is an increase in the participants in the Taglit program coming from EAJC communities. A new large program of Sunday schools will soon start functioning in all countries of the region.
Meetings of the WJC Board are held annually, and the WJC Plenary Assembly, attended by delegates from all affiliated Jewish communities and organizations, meets once every four years. The Assembly selects the governing structures of the WJC and determines the further policy of the Congress. EAJC President, Mikhail Mirilashvili, is a member of the WJC board, and the head of the EAJC board, Aaron Frenkel, is vice-president of the WJC.