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EAJC: UN Human Rights Council Policy Fuels Antisemitism

Delegations from 21 countries sharply criticized the report of the UN commission on the consequences of “Guardian of the Walls” military operation (that took place in May 2021). Yesterday (June 13th) UN Human Rights Council Commission of Inquiry on Israel provoked outraged reaction in the world. The organization’s special commission again accused the Jewish state of “occupying the territories” and concluded that this is the only cause of constant tension in the Middle East region. In response, 21 members of the Council (including US) expressed their outrage at the body’s “disproportionate treatment of Israel” and demanded to put the end to such practices.

The World Jewish Community has joined the discussion of the Council’s anti-Israel bias. Thus, World Jewish Congress (WJC) President Ronald S. Lauder, thanked the United States and other countries for supporting Israel. “The latest attack on Israel from the UN Human Rights Council, a UN body that contains a standing agenda item against only one country in the world, must be condemned by all and retracted in full. A commission that claims to be addressing the Israeli-Palestinian conflict but fails to mention Hamas in its founding resolution cannot be taken seriously,” he claimed.

Euro-Asian Jewish Congress (EAJC) leaders have joined to him in strong condemnation of the conclusions of the UN Commission and called on world powers to make efforts to change counterbalance of the obviously anti-Israeli position of the UN Human Rights Council.

In response to that EAJC President Dr. Mikhail Mirilashvili released the following statement:

“As president Lauder rightly pointed out, “the existence of the Commission of Inquiry on Israel itself speaks to the body’s biases and perpetuates a false narrative that distorts the facts and blindly ignores Palestinian terrorism that targets civilians. In our researches of the antisemitism level, conducted under the auspices of the EAJC, we have repeatedly noted the danger of the existence of a latent form of anti-Semitism, often expressed in the form of anti-Israeli sentiment.

From this point, the anti-Israeli narrative, built for a long time by the UN Human Rights Council, only adds fuel to the fire. For example, the experts of the special commission did not reflect in their report the reason why, as a result of the May 2021 escalation, dozens of new bomb shelters were built in southern Israel, including at the expense of public organizations such as EAJC. Why do Israeli farmers and their families need protection from rocket attacks? Hushing up some facts and exaggerating others, the experts of the UN special commission are engaged in the substitution of concepts. Such strategy chosen by international human rights body is unacceptable and dangerous.”


Photo: UN Photo / Elma Okic