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EAJC welcomes US President Joe Biden in Israel

EAJC leaders warmly welcome US President Joe Biden’s decision to visit Israel and sign the “Jerusalem Declaration on the US-Israel Strategic Partnership.” The document will definitely help build a solid foundation for cooperation between countries for years to come. With this agreement, the White House intends to prove its strict commitment to Israel’s security, strengthening its military potential to deter external threats.

We sincerely hope that the subsequent presidential visit to Saudi Arabia will continue the process of normalization in the region. The expansion of the “Abraham Accords”, which made it possible to strengthen the relations of a number of Arab states with Israel, no longer seems an unattainable goal. Just two years ago, the conclusion of a peace treaty brought to life what had seemed impossible for decades. Thus began a new chapter in the history of the Middle East. And today we are its active participants.

We also note that an essential part of the Israeli-American declaration of partnership will be an agreement on technological cooperation. In this area, Israel becomes the fourth state after Great Britain, Japan and Australia, with which the United States establishes such close ties. We welcome active diplomatic moves that strengthen US-Israel relations.