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Euro-Asian Jewish Congress welcomes the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance’ condemnation of rehabilitation of Nazi collaborators

Фото: International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance

The International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA), containing 35 member and liaison countries, issued a statement condemning “all attempts to rehabilitate the reputations of persons who were complicit in the crimes of the Holocaust and the genocide of the Roma.” 

Euro-Asian Jewish Congress President Dr. Michael Mirilashvili welcomed the statement by the IHRA: “The policy of historical memory is undergoing a complicated process of formation, raising essential questions that must be answered. We are witnessing the practice of glorification of persons who had been directly or indirectly involved in the murder of Jews. They are elevated to the rank of national heroes and have become symbols of resistance. The deliberate understatement of their antisemitic ideology and practices is the rewriting of history. This type of policy is inadmissible and contrary to international standards.”

The preservation of historical memory, the prevention of Holocaust denial as well as advocating against the glorification of Nazi collaborators are among the top priorities of the Euro-Asian Jewish Congress. Our mission is to safeguard the historical truth and perpetuate the memory of heroes and victims.

President Mirilashvili also stressed that “a national hero embodies the national idea and serves as an indispensable basis for the formation of national identity. National leaders are responsible for making the right choice for the sake of future generations.”

Trough its Public Diplomacy program, the Euro-Asian Jewish Congress is working hard to promote the adoption of the IHRA working definition of antisemitism across the countries of the Euro-Asian region. Moldova and Serbia have officially adopted this efficient approach to the task of identifying antisemitism; some other Euro-Asian states are in the process of considering this significant move. 

“Considering the rising wave of antisemitism, it is extremely important to draw attention to the formulation of relevant legislation as well as integrating Holocaust studies into state educational programs. We join forces with the IHRA to promote research, public awareness, and political responsibility around the issue of rehabilitation,” – said the CEO of the Euro-Asian Jewish Congress, Dr. Haim Ben Yaakov.