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From 15th to 25th July, in Moldova, with the support of the EAJC, the «Nasharim» Jewish camp will be held

From 15th to 25th July, in Moldova, with the support of the Euro-Asian Jewish Congress, the «Nasharim» Jewish camp will be held.

The «Nasharim» is a project that has existed since 1992. Every year, Jewish youth from all over Moldova study Jewish culture, history and traditions during 10 days.

This year’s theme is “Following the Paths of Jewish History”. Participants will come to the small camp Jewish community to understand where the Jew came from in Moldova and how to develop the Jewish community.

Every day, the counselors of the Jewish community will conduct classes and events to familiarize themselves with the different “paths” of Jewish history: the path from Abraham to Yosef, the path from Egypt to Eretz Israel, the path from the Temple to the Jewish Communities and the most unfinished path, the path of the Jews in Moldova today. Characters from different eras from Jewish history will walk around the camp to help all participants feel the atmosphere of different times and hold eveningentertainment events for the participants. In addition, all participants will have various master classes and workshops.