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Happy Hanukkah from EAJC

Dear friends!

On behalf oh the leaders of the Euro-Asian Jewish Congress we wish you happy and joyous Hanukkah.

Apart from the light that we bring to the World with our candles, it’s the miracle that happened to our Maccabean predecessors is one of the main symbols of the holiday.

According to the Jewish tradition, miraculous events are the evidence of the G-d’s control over the Earth. Indeed, sometimes in this wonders people’s role is so crucial so they tend to think they did it all by themselves with no G-d interference at all.

At EAJC we are proud to unite some wonderful Jewish communities and organizations that by their work for the good of the Jewish people let simple miracles happen day by day. We highly appreciate this work and express our gratitude.

This year, when it seems like the whole world is waiting for the miracle, we hope that Hanukkah will bring us one.

Let us once more bring the light to this World together! Hag Sameach!