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Hillel CASE members join in to sing Hatikvah

Hatikvah is much more than a song. The State of Israel formally adopted it as its national anthem only in 2004. Until then, Hatikvah was functioning as an anthem by common voluntary practice rather than by the force of legislation.  

Hatikvah is a symbol that has developed a variety of significations in performances carried out in different contexts and times. Despite the pandemic shutdown, young Jews from six countries joined in to sing Hatikvah and congratulate the State of Israel on its 72nd birthday. Thank you, Hillel CASE!

Hillel CASE unites one program center with 13 regional organizations, working with young Jewish adults in Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, and Belarus. The Euro-Asian Jewish Congress is proud to support one of the FSU leading Jewish student organizations.