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Holocaust survivor Oleg Mortkovich met with Jewish youth in Baku

A meeting of the Holocaust survivor Oleg Mortkovich with schoolchildren at the Baku Jewish school has been organized by the Jewish community of Baku, on the initiative of the EAJC Regional Office for Russia.

The head of the Moscow Public Organization of Jewish former prisoners of the ghetto and Nazi concentration camps, Oleg Mortkovich shared the story of his childhood during the Holocaust.

His parents died in the Vinnytsia region in 1943, and during the years of the fascist occupation, he was hidden in a cellar by Natalya Bondar who was later recognized as the Righteous Among the Nations. Oleg Mortkovich is one of the three residents of the village of Dashev who survived the Holocaust.

For many years Oleg Mortkovich leads the International Public Organization of Jews, former juvenile prisoners of the ghetto and Nazi concentration camps. Being an EAJC member, this important organization unites and supports the Holocaust survivors. Meetings of organization’s members with Jewish youth are aimed at preserving the historical memory of the Holocaust – an important area of activity of the Euro-Asian Jewish Congress.

We are grateful to the Chabad-or-Avner school director, Efim Leznik, and the deputy chairman of the Baku Religious Community of European Jews, Eugene Brenneisen, for organizing the meeting.