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“Intellectual Wars 2019” festival will be held in Odessa on 19-21th may


19th – 21th May with the support of the Euro-Asian Jewish Congress, in Odessa, will be the 13th “Intellectual Wars 2019” festival.

Hillel’s Intellectual Wars is an unique educational project, was born in Odessa in 2007. The Hillel’s teams from the CASE region, Odessa’s Jewish organizations and teams from other cities and countries participate in the International Intellectual Games Tournament.

This year about 120 students from Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Poland, Israel and Russia will take part in the “Intellectual Wars”.

Representatives from Israel, Poland and the United States joined the teams from Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova and Russia.

Every year the level of the organization of the festival, the preparation of participants, the complexity of the questions become more and more quality. Besides various innovations, the festivals have become thematic. The theme of these festival – “Between the legendary lines.”

All participants will compete in knowledge of world and Jewish literature and can to know more about «Jewish» Odessa.