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Jewish community library of Ukraine was replenished with new editions

As part of the Community Library program by the All-Ukrainian Jewish Congress, gift editions of the Tehillim and the Secrets of Jewish Wise Men with colorful illustrations are published in Kyiv.

Tehillim, or the Book of Psalms, accompany the Jewish people throughout its history and is an endless source of comfort and wise advice for every Jew in any life situation.

“Secrets of the Jewish Wise Men” is a collection of wise sayings and aphorisms by the Jewish thinkers and rabbis of different eras. The previous edition was extremely popular both in Ukraine and abroad.

The books were published as a result of a joint program of the All-Ukrainian Jewish Congress and the Euro-Asian Jewish Congress, aimed at preserving the Jewish heritage in Ukraine.

“We are sincerely glad to contribute to the development of the Jewish communities of Ukraine, which for many years have been fruitfully working to revive Jewish life in the country,” said EAJC President Dr. Mikhail Mirilashvili.

The books are donated to Jewish communities and organizations in Ukraine.