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Lag B’Omer: probably the most mysterious Jewish holiday (video)

Traditionally, the Lag b’Omer night in Israel is lit up by numerous bonfires. However, this time the bonfires are forbidden, and the holiday festival on Mount Meron will also be much more modest. 

As the anniversary of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai’s death, each year Lag B’Omer attracts upwards of a quarter of a million people who come to Mount Meron to visit his tomb.  

In 2020, due to the special circumstances, Israeli authorities allowed only three bonfires to be lit on Mount Meron. No more than 50 people equipped with a special pass will be able to participate in each ceremony.

All this is done in order to avoid crowding and quickly lead the country out of the pandemic crisis.

Stay healthy, dear friends! Happy Lag b’Omer!