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New Euro-Asian Jewish Congress regional office opened in Montenegro

On 30 May 2019, the new regional office of the EAJC officially opened in Montenegro. This development has been encouraged and blessed both by the Board of the Jewish Comunity of Montenegro and the Montenegrin Government.

The EAJC Regional office in Montenegro is headed by Djordje Raicević, President of the Jewish Community of Montenegro, and will, in particular, focus on monitoring the Jewish life in Albania, Croatia, North Macedonia, Serbia, and Slovenia; attracting non-affiliated Jewish communities and families from Bosnia and Herzegovina to the EAJC; organizing lectures and exhibitions as well as interviews in the local press on Israel and the state of modern antisemitism.

“The Euro-Asian Jewish Congress strives to protect the rights and interests of the Jewish communities in the Euro-Asian region. The opening of the EAJC regional office in Montenegro is another step in this noble journey,”- said EAJC President Mikhail Mirilashvili.

Director General of the Euro-Asian Jewish Congress Haim Ben-Yaakov congratulated the newly appointed Head of the EAJC Montenegro office Djordje Raicević and expressed confidence in his ability to develop a close relationship with the local Jewish communities and take care of their needs and interests as well.