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"Notnim Tikva" is helping thousands of children

In the largest children’s hospital in Israel at the Sheba Medical Center, operates a public organization “Notnim Tikva” (Giving Hope), established in 2004 to help sick children and their parents.

“Notnim Tikva” has already helped thousands of children. The organization is engaged in fundraising for complex surgeries abroad and medicines that are outside the basic health basket, equipping children’s playrooms, organize events and activities within the hospital and much more. Just recently, members of “Notnim Tikva” organized a meeting of a girl battling cancer with her idol, the star of children’s performances.

Director General of the Euro-Asian Jewish Congress Dr. Haim Ben Yalkov: “At this difficult time, when the coronavirus epidemic has an extremely negative impact on the economic situation of various structures, and especially public organizations, EAJC is trying to support those who need our help today. We are really glad that we were able to support “Notnim Tikva”, which works with sick children and children battling cancer. According to the Torah, all of Israel are responsible for one another. This principle becomes even more important in the days of pandemic. We all have a responsibility to provide all possible assistance to those in need, especially when it comes to children”.

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