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Over 5,000 children and parents celebrated Purim at JFuture schools


2,318 children and 2,785 parents, wearing carnival costumes, attended Purim celebrations at the Jewish schools of the international educational platform JFuture, the flagship project of the Euro-Asian Jewish Congress.

In each city, kids and adults listened to the reading of the Scroll of Esther in the synagogue. Afterward, the celebration took different forms in different cities: children prepared the Morning Ahashvereosh show for their parents, made a fun paper show, smashed a piñata stuffed with gifts of Mishloach Manot, made Hamantaschen cookies from scratch, painted holiday masks and visited the city circus.

The JFuture coordinators and animators invited the children into the world of Purim quests filled with interactive stations and puzzles. After exciting adventures, a festive meal awaited the participants. On the occasion of Purim, the children pleased the senior generation of their Jewish community with the gifts of Mishloh Manot.

JFuture platform opens on the basis of a community center and offers weekly Sunday meetings for groups of children and parents in Baku (Azerbaijan), Bobruisk, Minsk (Belarus), Tbilisi (Georgia), Mumbai (India), Tomsk (Russia), Kishinev (Moldova), Tokyo (Japan), Alma-Ata (Kazakhstan), Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan), Podgorica (Montenegro), Bukhara (Uzbekistan), and Chernivtsi (Ukraine).

Hannah from Tokyo: “An incredible program! We have prepared 20 gaming stations with various contests, crafts, a photo booth, and gifts.”

Eleanor from Kiev: “The celebration of Purim lasted three days. We invited the older generation, and the children exchanged traditional gifts with their grandparents. The elders taught the kids dancing to the Yiddish songs performed by a live musical band. The next day, we read the Scroll of Esther and arranged a carnival for the kids, and on the third day, the children and parents celebrated Purim together.”

Haya from Mumbai: “Thanks to Purim, three new participants joined the JFuture school! The program of the joint event for children and parents included a story by the rabbanit and scenes from the history of Purim, master classes for creating masks and preparing Hamantaschen cookies. Then the children exchanged gifts of Mishloach Manot. Everyone was thrilled!”

Hannah from Odessa: “120 children took part in the celebration of Purim while their parents attended the lecture“ Esther Nowadays ”. In the synagogue, after reading the Scroll of Esther, the children were offered an entertainment program. The next day, we organized thematic workshops, children sculpted clowns from plasticine and participated in competitions and quests with multiple stations. Everyone was in a truly festive mood.”

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