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Synagogue "Bet Menachem" in Tashkent will not be demolished

We were pleased to know that the “Bet Menachem” synagogue in Tashkent was saved from demolition. The private company “Absolute Business Trade”, which filed a lawsuit against the Tashkent Jewish Religious Community of European Jews, withdrew the claim for ownership of the land, which actually saved the building from demolishing. For more than two years the status of the “Bet Menachem” synagogue was in question, and finally the situation was resolved.

This story proves once again the importance of supporting Jewish communities by international organizations. Often, their involvement in a situation can positively influence both external and internal processes.

In the case of the Tashkent synagogue, we are really glad that our support, along with the support of other international organizations and local authorities, led to saving the spiritual, cultural and charitable Center so important for the Jewish community of Tashkent.