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The 26th Annual International Conference on Jewish Studies opened in Moscow with the support of the EAJC


On July 14, the 26th Annual International Conference on Jewish Studies, organized by the Sefer Center for University Teaching of Jewish Civilization, an EAJC partner since its foundation, together with the Center for Slavic-Judaic Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences, was opened in Moscow.

The conference program includes sections on traditional areas of Jewish studies, such as Biblical and Talmudic Studies, Jewish Thought, Jewish History, Judeo-Christian Relations, the Holocaust, Israeli Studies, Languages and Literature, Art, Ethnology, Demography, Jewish Genealogy, Museums, and Archives, as well as topics that require interdisciplinary approach.

On the second day of the conference, a special partnership session “Israel and the Diaspora”, organized by the Institute for Euro-Asian Jewish Studies (IEAEI), was held under the moderation of Prof. Ze’ev Khanin, Chairman of the Academic Council of IEAAI.

Within the session, Dr. Haim Ben-Ya’akov, Director General of the Euro-Asian Jewish Congress spoke about the Jewish world and the State of Israel in the aftermath of World War II; Prof. Ze’ev Khanin presented his view on the topic “Russians” and other Diaspora Jews – a look at Israel”;  and Ariel Bulstein, Head of the EAJC Public Diplomacy Project, spoke on the topic “The Jewish Factor in the People’s Diplomacy of the State of Israel: Challenges and Prospects”.

“In addition to academic sessions, we hold consultations with experts from different  European countries in terms of opportunities to expand cooperation with the Euro-Asian Jewish Congress, including international diplomacy programs, publishing programs, and interaction with Jewish communities”,- said Dr. Haim Ben-Ya’akov, Director General of EAJC.