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The mitzvah of Brit Milah took place for the first time ever in Montenegro prison

On the photo: the members of the Jewish Community in Montenegro together as a big family

For the first time in the history of Montenegro’s penitentiary system, a Bris Milah took place in Montenegro Prison. The leaders of the Jewish community of Montenegro expressed their gratitude to the authorities and the prison management for cooperation.

The operation was entrusted to a medical practitioner, a mohel who came from Israel. That same day this essential Jewish ritual has been undergone by a few other men in Montenegro.

The primary objective regarding the Jewish inmates is to ensure they have the opportunity to practice their faith safely.

“The Jewish Community of Montenegro is dedicated to helping Jewish inmates. Within the program of the EAJC Regional Office, the rabbinical visitations will be arranged on a weekly base and include holiday service as well as religious freedom advocacy. We are looking after the religious and spiritual needs of Jewish prisoners in Montenegro”,- said the head rabbi of the Montenegro Jewish community Aryeh Edelkop.

The new EAJC Regional Office is officially launched and started its activity in Montenegro. The office is headed by Djordje Raicević, President of the Jewish Community of Montenegro, and focuses on monitoring and coordinating Jewish communities in the Balkan region.

“Euro-Asian Jewish Congress seeks to support the most important programs for the Jewish communities and for any Jew in the Balkan region, providing opportunities for full-fledged communal Jewish life”, – said EAJC President Mikhail Mirilashvili.